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Redact Documents

Quickly remove sensitive information from your documents permanently

Open folder of redacted documents

Quick and Easy

A quick and easy automated solution

Tools that get your documents redacted quickly with minimal effort and maximum accuracy

  • Natural language processing: Use pattern recognition and natural language processing to find the phrases or texts you need to redact.
  • Text Mapping: Find a text that you want to redact, and then map a redact element to it. All text of that type will be redacted throught out the entire document.
  • Optical Character Recognition Text Search: Use automated text mapping and natural language processing to select and redact text located in images and diagrams.

Simple and easy to use

I think the user interface for this service is very clear and intuitive. I was up and running within an hour as the whole design made things easy to understand and simple.

Be 100% sure

Slash error rates and validation time

Know with 100% certainty what has been redacted, re-checking and making changes is seamless

document review
  • Real time preview: Preview the final document as changes are being made. Undo and redo redactions real time.
  • End of session finalisation: Your document will not be finalised until you close out your session, allowing you to quickly make changes after you are done.
  • Search redacted words: All words in your document are indexed. Quickly validate redaction items by jumping to the areas where your sensitive words are located.
  • Redact, and preview metadata: Remove data hidden in the metadata of documents. Preview for certainty of completion.

Your data is secure

Highly Secure Data Management

All data that transit on our platform are encrypted using SSL technology, and data stored are encrypted using AES 256 bit encryption. Customers can at any time, download all their data and purge such data from our systems. The purging can also be scheduled on a set frequency.

set up payment collection

Streamlined interface

Redaction is quick and easy

Operate easily with speed on any device.

  • Drag and drop interface: Drag and drop a rectangular element on your document. Resize as you wish to redact one or multiple text or phrases.
  • Mobile ready: Redact documents from your mobile phone, tablet, or computer at anytime and on the go.
  • Flexible & productive tools: Duplicate redaction boxes to redact noncontiguous areas. Expand a single box across multiple lines to redact specific sections of a multiline text.
  • Multiple Integrations: Integrate with multiple vendors such as Google, and Office 365 to ensure a seamless operation in your business.

Lower cost, greater convenience

Redact multiple documents types, at a low cost, at any time

Get 24/7 access with no maintenance fees or hidden cost. A simple flexible pricing structure based on the documents you redact.

  • Low cost, no overheads: No software updates, no maintenance fees, no hidden services charges, cancel at any time.
  • Very high uptime: We have on average uptime of 99%. Guaranteed service delivery or your money back.
  • Redact a wide array of file types: Redact PDFs, Microsoft word files, Excel files, Images and more.
  • Create and manage teams: Provide access to your redaction service to multiple team members, and set roles and responsibilities.
increase quality cut cost

Speed up your workflow

Features That Make You Work Faster

Boost efficiency and streamline redaction with flexible and easy to use functions

Integrate with cloud

Integrate with third party cloud services
such as Google Docs and OneDrive.

E-Sign Ready

If you need to get documents signed electronically,
this is available in one click. Visit e-signature

Auto Select Items

Automatically select personal information such as
emails, social security, and credit card numbers.

Auto Delete Documents

Automatically delete documents based on a
range of cycles.

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