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Collect Payments

Connect to payment platforms such as Stripe and Paypal and turn any document into an invoice.

collecting payments on mobile

Creating a payment request is easy

Drag and drop a credit card element on any document and voia la you have an invoice that can be used to get your customers to pay you from any device.

set up payment collection

Connect your payment processors

A convenient way to for you to connect your payment processors. We do all the work needed to get you up and running such as creating webhooks, as well as provding an interface for you to manage your transactions.

A flexible and easy to use solution

Setting up is quick and easy. Get payments in multiple currencies, and countries. You can customise our platform to fit into your systems to ensure a streamlined experience.

Currency selection

Select the currency you want your transactions to be in. Payments in over 50+ currencies

Assign a country limit

Determine the country you want your transactions to be in, accept payments from over 150+ countries

Capture payments on your terms

You can determine wether you want the payment to captured automatically or manually

Assign custom labels

Assign labels to your payment request so you can identify the transaction type on your backend.

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