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General Features
Number of eSignatures
Number of eSignatures per month
Up to 100/month Up to 500/month Up to 1000/month
Minumum user accounts
Starting number of user accounts that must be purchased. A discount is offered beyond a certain number of accounts.
1 1 or more 1 or more
Create and save documents that can be reused frequently with little to no modification.
5 50 100
Get real time updates when someone signs, opens or take other actions with documents you send
Schedule reminders
Schedule when you want your recipients to be reminded that they have a document to sign
Access documents from the Cloud
Upload documents from cloud storage providers such as Google drive, One Drive, Dropbox, and Box
Merge before upload
Combine multiple documents into 1 before you send them off to be signed by your signatories.
Advanced document editor
Use editor to drag-and-drop signature fields, text fields, and dates fields onto your documents.
Edit password protected PDF
You can add a signature or fill, but not merge password protected PDF documents.
Signature requests (monthly)
Number of times a user can make a request for someone to sign a document
200 500 1000
Mobile ready
Create a signature request or get documents signed on any device, any where in the world at any time
Customer support
Contact our support or sales team via email or telephone. Corporate plan clients get priority service. Both standard and corporate plans get access to live chat
Security and Data Features
Audit trail
Get a time stamp of all the actions taken by signatories. Track name, location and time.
Data archive
Get all your data in a zip file download, allowing you to reduce the amount of data stored in the cloud
256-bit AES encryption
Your documents and data are encrypted to keep them secure and unindentifiable by third parties
Document snapshot and SHA256 id
Track changes in the document everytime a change is made
Advanced signer authentication
Enhance security by requiring signatories to enter a pre-defined password before accessing documents. Password can be sent by email or SMS
Auto delete documents
Automatically delete dcuments that are no longer needed at a set interval base on select criteria
Manage users and contacts
Admin panel
Manage and share documents, and templates. Adminster your account, and manage multiple users
Assign roles
Assign admin and staff roles to control user capabilities and permissions.
Create and manage multiple teams
Organise your account into teams thereby compartmentalising document access,signature requests,and templates among others.
Create up to 10 teams Create up to 30 teams
Manage your contacts
Build contact list automatically from saved signature request recipients, or bulk import contacts from a CSV file.
Customisation & Productivity
Highlight your brand
Upload a logo, add a custom message, and choose a theme color that fits your brand.
Add custom message to sign requests
Create a message that will be communicated to recipients in the sign request email
Add attachment to sign requests
Add an attachment to sign request email such as a cover letter or a spreadsheet
Multiple signature types
Draw, type or upload your signature. Also determine the types of signature you accept from your recipients.
Bulk request
Send out signature requests to up to 300 people with one click
Signer attachments
Ask your signers to submit additional documents that you may need to process their signature requests
Share Template links
Share a link to a template via email or SMS, or even place them on your website
Advanced PDF filling
You can fill PDF form elements such as radio button, checkbox and combobox. Embed hyperlinks and external documents.
In person signing
Get people to sign documents in your presence instead. You can do all that the reqular signature request allows.
Collect payments
Connect your Stripe, PayPal or First Atlantic Commerce accounts to your DocEndorse account to collect payments from your customers.
Multiple integrations
Connect multiple 3rd party integrations such as Office 365, and Google Drive to ensure a seamless operation.
API Access
Collect signatures
Use our smart form plugin to collect signatures for your users
Integrated Solutions
Redact documents (add-on)
Permanently erase selected text and metadata from documents
40 documents/month 120 documents/month 260 documents/month
Full compliance with eIDAS regulations in the UK and EU
Full compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulations
SOC 2 Type II
Compliance with SOC Type II recommendations
U.S. ESIGN Act of 2000
Our signatures are legally binding under the 2000 U.S. ESIGN Act.
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