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Electronic Signature

An affordable turnkey solution that facilitates the digital filling and signing of documents with any device.

Signing and sharing a contract on mobile

Greater Convenience

Do both in-person and remote signing, with the same level of legitimacy as wet ink signatures. Sign agreements at anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Operational Efficiency

Cut the time it takes to complete contracts to minutes from days. Signing and preparing documents for signature is easy.

Boost Sales

Reduce the hassle involved in tracking signatures and hunting down clients to get supporting documents.

Improve Accuracy

Our e-signature platform comes ready with form validation tools built-in, which limits the range of characters that can be entered into a document.


It works, a very reliable and supportive team !

I've been using this service for the past six months and it has totally accelerated my sales. Usually I would have to wait 4-6 working days to get contracts signed and now customers sign within a day.
If I have any problems, I'm able to get reliable help from customer service.

More Convenience

Delight your customers

We offer a plug and play solution that is easy to use, and available on any device. Your customers only need to
focus on signing the contract and you on closing more deals.

  • Upload document attachments: Your customers will be able to provide other documents while signing
  • Collect payments: Turn any document into an invoice by dragging and dropping a card element onto it. View collect payments
  • Fill out documents: You can use any device to fill out an application or contract before it is signed.
  • Handle multiple documents with ease: Send multiple documents to your customers and our platform will notify you each time changes are made.

More Efficiency

Cut cost and boost efficiency

Streamline your operations, reduce friction and cut the time it takes to complete a sale.
Your business grows faster and runs smoother.

  • Drag and drop whatever you need: Preparing a document for signature is a simple 4-step process that takes less than 10 minutes.
  • Cut the back and forth: Validate information entered into a document at the point when the signatory is entering it rather than several days after.
  • Get real time updates: Real-time notifications allow you to track and trace all changes made to a document so you can respond quickly.
  • Multiple Integrations: Integrate with multiple vendors such as Google, Stripe, and Office 365 to ensure a seamless operation in your business.

Grow Sales

Accelerate your business

We deal with the non-core aspects of your sales process so you can focus on generating new business.

  • A self service model: Only use what you need when you need it. You can increase or decrease the amount of resources you use to support your operations.
  • Eliminate repetitive tasks: Create templates that can be reused to get the same document filled multiple times with no additional work.
  • Real Time Analytics: A dashboard with statistics on the number of documents in the system for signing, where documents are in the process and more.
  • Set reminders: Set reminders for your recipients which will enable our platform to contact them autonomously

Features that get the job done

A Transformative solution for your business

Our cloud-based e-signature platform is low cost, mobile-ready and allows you to offer a high-quality service.

Manage contacts

Import all your contacts and start sending signature requests to them immediately.

Bulk sign

Get signatures from hundreds of people in two simple steps.

Accessible Help

Do-it-yourself articles and explainer videos; email support service; a live chat service; and customer support line.

Data Validation

Prevent customers from entering incorrect
data into your document. Reduce errors and save time.

Customisable Signing Flow

Change the look and feel of the signing flow to fit with the spirit of your brand.

Manage Teams

Set the permissions of different teams to limit access to or share resources such as documents, templates, and functions.

We help business across many industries

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